About Us


Z&A Engineering & Consulting is one of the leading oilfield consulting firms in the industry and has a record of providing the right team member for the job. We are unparalleled in our consulting experience and can provide onsite supervision, frac engineering, project and operations management and more for oil and gas operating companies.

Our supervisors, engineers and project managers have the training, knowledge and leadership abilities needed to safely manage your operation while rigorously maintaining compliance and safety standards. In fact, our in-house senior engineer is a Ph.D molecular and petroleum engineer.

Safety Always
Comes First

Z&A Engineering & Consulting is dedicated to protecting our clients, their property and the environment. It is the responsibility of every employee to adhere to and execute the HSE policies sanctioned by our management team.

Our supervisors enforce safety standards and ensure compliance on all job sites. Our consultants all have years of experience and understand the value of leading by example, especially when it comes to safety.

We are proud members of ISNetworld® and PEC Safety and perform monthly safety training in addition to offering additional education and training opportunities. We encourage all our staff members to communicate freely and openly with management to ensure that team members get what they need and assume the lowest possible level of risk.

Our team has an HSE manual and enforces all standards. We are also sure to always maintain insurance coverage that meets or exceeds our client's requirements.